Founded in July 2017, Creative Chili is a Ugandan based creative website development/design & digital advertising agency. We work mainly with forward thinking individuals, SME's and Large Organizations.

Our operating modal and ethics are founded on Christian and Biblical morals, standards and principles.

We only provide select services, because we only work on things which we are good at; While we don't want to look like a jack of all trades we aspire to be a master of all trades!

  • Web design and development.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Website Page Speed Optimization.
  • Website Security Auditing & Configuration.
  • Digital marketing [ Online Advertising, Social promotion (Facebook, Instagram etc) ].
  • Digital Forensics.
  • Data Recovery.
  • System Rescue.

You may reach us by phone or email on standard business days and hours.


Customer Satisfaction

We rely heavily on customer feedback to create through technology what you desire.

Privacy & Security

When dealing with clients data, there are security measures we have in place to prevent any leakage of private information or proprietary data, such as secure data disposal, Non Disclosure Agreements and contracts etc.


We strive to do the best job we can for a client and to do it better than anyone else.


We are there when you need help with infrastructure we have setup for you.


We love everyone with the love of Christ but we won't work with or promote organizations/businesses/individuals who fit the following descriptions because we don't condone such moral degradation & corruption that goes against our Christian moral principals and beliefs either directly or indirectly, we reserve the sole right to deny service to any one;

  • Any form of  involvement, distribution, publication or promotion of pornography, nudity & sexual perversion in its various forms (child molestation & abuse, bestiality, homosexuality, bisexuality, masturbation etc ).
  • Any form of human rights violations as stipulated under the laws of Uganda including abortions etc.
  • Any form of substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, cannabis,cigarettes etc), bars, clubs etc.
  • Defamatory, slanderous content against Christianity which may include burning of Bibles, false prophets etc.
  • Sports betting and betting in its various forms.
  • Money lending loan sharks.
  • Occultist organizations, satanism, cults & witchcraft covens, herbal clinics and the like.
  • Unverifiable organizations/companies, we will not be part and parcel of or associated with fraudulent schemes.
  • Any anti-government/treason tendencies and content.

We will not hesitate to terminate any contract if we discover you are involved in any of the above.