One moment your PC is fine, the next it’s down and your files with it

Computer crashes often occur suddenly and with little obvious warning. Once it happened, there is not much you can do, other than wait for the reboot or

manually force a reset. The randomness with which a crash can strike is what makes it frustrating.

Most crashes are not as random as they seem, however. There are a number of potential warning signs. Most of them are minor issues that the average user would brush off as an annoyance, but they hint at a larger problem that can grow and eventually crash your computer at the most inopportune time. Vigilance and knowledge can help find and solve problems before they turn a PC into a paperweight.

There are many possible causes for these hellish episodes, and it's important to be educated on the whys and hows of PC crashes to prevent them in the future. After all, the next crash could be your PC's last.


If you experience one or more of the follwing, then you need system resuce

Forgotten Passwords

Whether its login passwords, document passwords or smartphone passwords, most times you have no choice but to forfeit your precious data in exchange for system access. At Creative Chili we make no such compromise.

Random File Or Program Corruption Issues

A classic sign of a slow-growing problem is random file and program corruption errors. Files that always worked suddenly don’t open, or only work on occasion. They may or may not be accompanied by an error message.

Slow, Unreliable, Or Noisy Mechanical Hard Drive

Mechanical hard drives are likely sources of problems in modern PCs. Though they’ve become more reliable over time, they still contain mechanical parts that will eventually wear out, and that makes failure a reality users must prepare for.

Occasional Boot Errors

The dreaded blue screen of death

A sure sign that something has gone wrong is an occasional error when booting your PC, usually something along the lines of “boot device not found.” This is a sign that something is wrong with your hard drive, or that your Windows installation has somehow become corrupt. 

Poor Performance

If general poor performance, from launching programs to watching YouTube video and playing games occurs then your system needs to be serviced. Graduall system slow down over a few months is normal even on new PC's, this situation can be remedied.

Spotty Or Unreliable Internet

Unusually, poor Internet performance that can’t be linked to a problem with your ISP or router is often a bad sign. It may mean that your WiFi or Ethernet adapter is encountering problems, or it might be a sign of malware robbing your bandwidth. Eventually, the problem might make Internet access impossible or, if the source is malware, your PC could suffer permanent damage.

An Unusually Loud System Fan

Adware Infestation

A computer with fans that are louder than normal may be screaming for help because its internals are too warm, a situation that can eventually lead to a crash and even hardware damage.

Software And/Or Adware Launches At Random

Software that launches without your permission is a clue that you may become a victim of malware. Often the programs that appear will be linked to advertisements, but any Trojan can allow this avenue of attack. You might also notice that certain hardware, like the webcam, may activate without your consent. Eventually, this tampering might lead to problems as your PC is slammed with unwanted programs or its files are corrupted maliciously.




Virus Infestation




Unlike others, we do more than simply re-install windows

Detailed System Diagnosis

Not only does detailed system diagnosis help resolve current issues with a system but also exposes future failures which helps take preventative measures. We prefer a system is fixed permanently, preventing future visits to repair shops, which will reduce the costs of time and money on your business.

Automated System Optimization

All computers will slow down over time and it is a normal occurrence on both old and modern computers. A slow computer can be a pain and so we can implement an automated system to thoroughly optimize your system for stability and performance without any interaction from you, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Extensive Malware & Virus Extermination

Some viruses are too sophisticated for even the best antivirus solutions and while it takes no special skill to install an antivirus, removing deeply entranced viruses & malware, recovering files deleted by viruses is best left to the professionals.

Full Reports

Its important to know what was wrong with your system and also for accountability. We give full reports for all repairs done that will help your IT team diagnose and fix future issues.

Onsite Repair & Diagnosis

All work is done on your premises, no equipment is carried out of your jurisdiction and with complete visibility you can monitor our progress. Any questions you may have will be answered immediately.


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